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ImaGEN Teams Up with Noah Chemicals to Introduce Cutting-Edge Chemical Solutions for Hydrogen Generation on Demand

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ImaGEN Inc., a leader in hydrogen generation systems, has partnered with Noah Chemicals, a renowned chemical manufacturing and services provider, to develop a groundbreaking on-demand hydrogen generation technology that promises to revolutionize the energy industry. With potential applications ranging from hydrogen fuel cells to renewable energy storage, this technology uses chemical reactions initiated and controlled by external stimuli to produce hydrogen gas in a cost-effective and efficient way.


Noah Chemicals, a renowned chemical manufacturing and services provider, has made a major breakthrough by partnering with ImaGEN Inc., a leader in hydrogen generation systems, to develop an on-demand hydrogen generation technology. This groundbreaking project is expected to transform the energy industry, reducing carbon emissions while promoting sustainability.

According to Tina Blumenthal, Owner, and CEO of Noah Chemicals, “We are thrilled to collaborate with ImaGEN on this innovative project. Our partnership combines our innovative approach to chemical collaborative services and product development with ImaGEN’s expertise in chemical engineering and material science.

Together, we can create a new standard for on-demand hydrogen generation that will benefit the environment and provide value to our customers.”On-demand hydrogen generation technology enables the production of hydrogen gas in a cost-effective and efficient way, using chemical reactions that can be initiated and controlled by external stimuli. With a wide range of potential applications, from hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles to supporting renewable energy storage and distribution, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry.

Noah Chemicals’ team of experienced chemists is working with ImaGEN’s team to develop on-site/on-demand “Hydrogen Generation Solutions” that meet all safety requirements while optimizing performance and efficiency. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Noah Chemicals is confident that they can deliver excellent results for ImaGEN and its customers.

Ron Seftick, CEO of ImaGEN, is equally excited about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner and collaborate with Noah Chemicals in the commercialization of this highly effective hydrogen generation technology. This safe and easily transportable technology will accelerate dramatically the early adoption of hydrogen for multiple applications in the power industry.

This is an exciting time for ImaGEN and the industry.”Noah Chemicals, a women-owned manufacturer of high-purity and high-technology chemicals, has been at the forefront of emerging technologies for more than 45 years. The company specializes in custom synthesis, process development, and production scale-up for various industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, batteries, cosmetics, government & defense, and agriculture. They have also been a key partner in emerging environmentally beneficial technologies throughout their history. Noah Chemicals’ dedication to sustainability and their commitment to innovation make them a natural fit for this groundbreaking project.

About ImaGEN Inc.

ImaGEN’s Tru-H2™ hydrogen generation system utilizes readily available chemical hydrides and water to immediately create hydrogen whenever and wherever its needed as a source of power for reliable electrification beyond the grid. With its easily scalable “energy-as-a-service” approach, ImaGEN’s customers can employ new prime and intermittent power applications and deploy new business models without the complexities and substantial capital investment of upgrading traditional energy infrastructure.

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