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What are CIP Systems?

What are CIP Systems? CIP (Clean-in-Place) Systems are essential for cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting process equipment in the manufacturing industry.

CIP System cycles leverage chemicals, flow rate, contact time, and temperature to remove solids, debris, and microorganisms from piping, valves, pumps, tanks, and other equipment. A properly balanced CIP System will clean and sanitize isolated process lines efficiently, minimizing the need for manual disassembly & cleaning by hand.

In addition to design and operation, the proper chemical recipes play a critical role in ensuring a CIP System cycle will accomplish its intended function.

Importance of Cleaning Your Storage and Process Systems

Product handling and distribution results in leftover materials within process systems and equipment. This is especially relevant to industries like Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, and Chemical Manufacturing where storage and production systems must be kept free from contamination.

Residuals left behind must be removed from the system before starting a new run to avoid contamination. Silos, vats, pipes, etc. must be thoroughly cleaned between each usage, and having an automated and efficient CIP System with the right chemicals is the best solution.

How an Optimal CIP System Works

There are many important design measures that qualify a system to be capable of CIP, such as:

  • Tank Design:
    • With a Proper Spray Ball type and location
    • The ability to drain
    • Sanitary connections and instruments
  • Piping & Fittings:
    • Proper material specifications
      • Not all piping is qualified as sanitary
    • Consistency of Pipe Diameters
      • Different pipe ID’s require different flow rates
    • Proper slope to drain with no accumulation points
  • Type of Process System
    • The correct design according to the product
      • Example: A meat slurry transfer line may require different CIP temperatures and chemicals than a brewery
  • Pump and Valve Selection
    • Selected equipment according to specific standards
    • Note: Different industries have different standards

Choosing the Right Expertise in CIP System Design

When choosing a CIP System design team, you will need:

  • An engineering team with a holistic approach to perform a detailed analysis of your cleaning system needs
  • Chemists to identify the precise chemical regimen for the product
  • A team focused on Quality that will ensure operational safety and increased production efficiency

All these characteristics will enhance both a company’s peace of mind and profitability. When installing a new system, avoid “over-engineering” or cutting corners on process systems; an expert team can ensure neither happens. It is critical to nail down the chemistry for any process from receiving to packaging, and one chemical composition or concentration is not going to satisfy every type of process.

Contact Noah Chemicals for Your Custom CIP Systems

Noah Chemicals Services’ team of engineers and chemists can help with proper process system design and custom CIP chemistry.

For more information about how Noah Chemicals can assist you with the highest quality CIP System design, please contact us here or call us at (888) 291-1186.

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